Education with a Christian Worldview

Education with a Christian Worldview

March 5, 2021

Episode 21| Education with a Christian Worldview

Today we have Julianne Eelman, an educator of her four children, joining us to discuss "Education with a Christian Worldview".  We will discuss what this means, as well as some questions parents should be asking themselves as they determine the best form of education for their children.

Wedding Planning: How to plan the wedding

Wedding Planning: How to plan the wedding

February 26, 2021

Episode 20| Wedding Planning: Planning the Wedding.

Everything in the wedding should point to God's glory.  In this podcast Caryn Hazzard joins Susie in discussing:

1.  How to steward your money.

2. How much time it takes to plan a wedding.

3. Where to start.

4. How to make God central.





5. We want photos to be taken for two hours plus drive time, then photos have to start at 230, so then the ceremony will be 45 mins so it can’t start earlier than 1:30. We should then be at the church by 1.... hair, make up and getting dressed take 4 hours (depending on the number of people) so then we have to have them come for X... you get it. 

Vendors will always ask for a timeline, so starting with one helps everyone out. 


-how to plan on a tight budget- venues are a huge expense. Think outside the box. Stay away from the most popular places and look for the less well known ones. 

    -find friends that have skills. Ask around in your church for anyone who is a DJ, florist, photographer, caterer. People you know aren’t always going to do things for free, but they are more likely to be looking to get you the best deal possible. 

    -have people help! Set up, putting on table cloths, tear down. These things are all extra fees often hidden. Mention you have help and if you can do those things yourself. 

    -DIY isn’t always cheaper. Do you research. Get lots of quotes and then price the DIY option out. Remember that no one wants to be stressed trying to figure out how to make boutonnière the night before the wedding

  -pick a simple meal. When you have someone for dinner you don’t serve them both chicken and beef. Pick one or let people choose ahead of time which one they would like. 


- how to plan with a large budget. A lot of things still apply. Remember that you still want people to walk away knowing that you love God and are serving Him. Be humble and be aware of your friends in the same season but different financial situation.


-making God central to all the details 

   -ask yourself “how does this direct people to God?” My dress. Does this low cut, no back, super tight dress show people that I love God and my future husband or is it really just because I look hot in it even if it may cause people to look at me sexually? 

Do our wedding vows sound like I put Christ first and look to him for how to love my husband no matter the season? 

Asking yourself this question throughout the planning process will help you make choices that will showcase the love you have for your spouse because of the love you receive from Christ. 

Wedding Planning: During Engagement

Wedding Planning: During Engagement

February 19, 2021

Episode 19|Wedding Planning: During Engagement

Join us in this episode as Caryn Hazzard and I discuss how planning for a wedding is really planning for a marriage.

We will discuss:

1. How to spend your time well.

2. How to set yourself up for a God-honouring marriage after the wedding is done. 

3. How to talk about money with one another and with your parents. 

Wedding Planning: Pre-Engagement

Wedding Planning: Pre-Engagement

February 12, 2021

Episode 18| Wedding Planning: Pre-Engagement

Caryn Hazzard is a trained floral designer, she loves planning big events and has a passion for marriage, done God's way.  She is joining me today, as we discuss the theology of dating and marriage and even take time to answer the question, "How much should a young woman be involved in ring shopping?"

Wedding Planning: For MOMS

Wedding Planning: For MOMS

February 5, 2021

Episode 17 | Wedding Planning: For MOMS

When a couple gets engaged, the excitement of the planning soon begins.  The mothers are usually very excited, but sometimes overstep their role, but what is their role?  There is a lot of advice for brides, but moms sometimes feel lost and unsure and sometimes relationships become tense.  Join in as Susie interviews two experienced moms, Ronda Hill and Michelle Reed, on the most important roles of moms, in wedding planning!

Reconciling Resolute and Rest: in Crisis

Reconciling Resolute and Rest: in Crisis

January 29, 2021

Episode 16 | Reconciling Resolute and Rest: in Crisis

We have special guest Ellie Kendrick, sister to Susie, joining the podcast today, to share her journey to reconciling resolute and rest in crises.  She has had several critical points in her life, including a miscarriage, giving birth to a son with down syndrome and a diagnosis with cancer.  Be encouraged and equipped as you hear her God story, shining through in some of the most difficult moments of her life.

Reconciling Resolute and Rest: in Chronic Stress

Reconciling Resolute and Rest: in Chronic Stress

January 22, 2021

Episode 15| Reconciling Resolute and Rest: in Chronic Stress

God has given us a gift to be able to flee from danger, as a built in self protective measure.   However, when this natural response becomes chronic, and rarely ever turns off, it becomes dangerous rather than helpful.  Listen in to Susie's conversation with Sarah Shuttleworth, owner Whatever You Do Workouts, as they discuss the role of keeping our eyes on Christ, while also using excercise as a form of worship and stress relief.

To find out more about Sarah, check out her Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.m.parsons.75 

Reconciling Resolute and Rest: In our Mission

Reconciling Resolute and Rest: In our Mission

January 15, 2021

Episode 14 | Reconciling Resolute and Rest: In our Mission

Sandi Giroux is joining us today, as we discuss "reconciling resolute and rest".  We tend to lean in one direction or the other or even see the two as being in opposition.  They need not be.  Rather, they work better together.  Jesus was the perfect example of being resolute in His mission, but also withdrawing to desolate places and pray. Mark 15:16.  Are you a person who has reconciled resolute and rest?



January 8, 2021

Episode 13 | Resolute

Our first start up podcast after finishing our "Summer Soul Talk".  Unveiled Podcast is all about glorifying God and loving women.  We are starting up fresh, with Susie, sharing her God story of how He loved her, chose her and saved her.  The Lord worked in her life, transforming her fear into confidence.  A confidence that is rooted in Christ alone, not perfect, but definately transformed.  Listen to how God has brought her to the point, where she is resolute to remain faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose, even in light of current circumstances; the possibility of her husband being fined and sent to jail, for opening the church for a worship service.

Emotions: How can I keep the peace when I just want to scream?

Emotions: How can I keep the peace when I just want to scream?

September 9, 2020

Episode 12 | Summer Soul Talks

How can we manage our emotions, when we are feeling out of control.  Really, that is what makes us want to scream right?  We want control!  This episode will lead you in some good questions to help you process your difficult relationships.

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